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"We have a 10 ½ year old “husky” mix that weighs about 35 lbs. (Bella). 14-16 weeks ago she kept trying to dig out from under our fence. She ended up hurting herself and was in terrible pain. After several trips to a couple of veterinary establishments no real diagnosis could be obtained without a very expensive MRI and potential surgery. She was in extreme pain and we contemplated “putting her down” to stop the suffering. Nicole Riggs who works with our primary veterinarian, Kristen Brauer, suggested we try an alternative treatment which consisted of “water treadmill” and “Laser” treatments to help with a potential soft tissue issue.  She had 2 rounds of 4 treatments with hydrotherapy using the underwater treadmill and is now completing her 2nd round of 6 Laser treatments. She is doing fantastic and it appears she will not need any surgery. The series of treatments are very affordable and are non-evasive. Bella actually enjoys the treatments and is going once a week for a couple more weeks and then she will be done. To think we were so close to putting her down and now she is jumping and playing like a puppy again."

- Dan Thompson

October 2017

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